Het Nieuwsbriefje – The Man with the Golden Airline Ticket

Deze week drie long-reads en een retro radio station voor bij het zwembad ⛱🍉Vergeet niet goed te drinken met deze hitte🍹🍺🍸

The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code
Bill Benter did the impossible: He wrote an algorithm that couldn’t lose at the track. Close to a billion dollars later, he tells his story for the first time.

The Man with the Golden Airline Ticket
My dad was one of the only people with a good-for-life, go-anywhere American Airlines pass. Then they took it away. This is the true story of having—and losing—a superpower.

What you think about landfill and recycling is probably totally wrong
My impression is that most people have an extremely inaccurate perception of the merits of recycling and throwing things away. Here’s what I believe to be the case, and where people are going wrong…

Poolside FM

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