• Writing a weekly newsletter
  • Writing a blog every 2 weeks
  • Eating healthy and cooking more often
  • Improving my financial situation using FIRE principles
  • Traveling for work
  • Dabbling in programming again. Create with Python or start learning Swift?
  • 🏠 Amsterdam

I’ve challenged myself to improve my writing in 2020.

I want to create more and consume less. Therefore I started this blog as a creative outlet. I want to improve my writing because it helps me think more clearly. Every blog is a note to me first and hopefully helpful for you as well. I can express myself better through writing than talking.

Writing a weekly newsletter keeps me accountable to ship something every week. It also forces me to do something with the videos and articles I consume. Meanwhile, it reduces the friction to write bigger essays and guides.

I believe that making is more powerful than a resume. Create, share and good things will come.

Long Term

My long term goal is to create an ecosystem of writing and software tools that compound each other. The goal is to make information easier to apply and build digitals tools that reduce friction. Inspirations are people such as Levels and Nat.

This is a now page. Last updated: 8th of February