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The Best Software to Encode RED .R3D to Proxies

I’ve created software to make RED .R3D video conversion faster.

If you are a filmmaker and work with RED .R3D there is a big chance you use a proxy workflow. Native RED .R3D playback is challenging at 4K+ resolution.

A popular way to speed up the RED .R3D editing workflow is to use proxies. However, the software used to create proxies from RED .R3D files is… not great. It is either slow, buggy or requires too much manual configuration.

ProxyBeuker in action

Annoyed with existing solutions I created a tool to my wishlist:

  • It should take 3000+ .R3D files as easily as 10 files.
  • Stable software, no freezing interface or frequent crashes.
  • No manual configuring or preset kung-fu. The software should find the right aspect ratio, color settings, file format and resolution. Even if the input .R3D files have different resolutions.
  • Simple, the program should do the work with minimal setup
  • Accurate color science by using the RED SDK

Visit for easy .R3D to Proxy conversion.