Notes Productivity

The Best Digital Tools

Computers rule the world. Millions of people do their work on a computer. A carpenter needs the right tools to build a house. But so do you using your computer. This is a selection of the tools I use the most.

Task Management

Tools for storing all your tasks and organizing them.
Todoist (Windows, Android, iPhone)
Omnifocus (macOS, iOS)
Things 3 (macOS, iOS)

Works well together with the “Getting things Done” methodology. Here is a short intro about GTD.


My Noise (Web) white noise and ambient sound generator. It helps to get you into the zone and eliminate distractions. Headspace (iOS, Android) is a non-woo-woo meditation app. Perfect for beginners. It’s like a workout for your brain.
YNAB (Web, iOS, Android) Keep track of your finances and create a budget that you’ll actually use.
Spectacles (macOS) easily snap your windows to different parts of your screen.
uBlock Origin (Chrome, Firefox) is the best ad blocker for your browser.
MindMap Maker (Web) is a fully-featured mind map application for your browser.
Alfred (macOS) is a better version of the native spotlight bar.
Session Buddy (Chrome) Save all your open tabs for later. Great when you are researching something.


Pocket (Web) saves articles and clips you find on the web for reading later.
Lastpass (All platforms) is a password manager it stores all your passwords for you and can generate random unique passwords for different accounts.
Spark (macOS) is hands down the best email client. I call it the Ferrari of email clients. You’ll never want to go back to a web interface.
Photopea (Web) Free Photoshop in your browser. If you want some simple image editing done fast. I have photoshop but can’t be bothered to open it. Photopea get’s your task done while Photostop is still starting up.
Reeder (macOS, iOS) A great reader application for articles. I connect my article clipper Pocket and RSS reader Feedly to Reeder for the best reading experience.
Focus (macOS) / Self Control (macOS) / Cold Turkey (Windows) block distracting websites for a set period of time. Stop watching “10 Deep Ocean Mysteries” on YouTube and get shit done.

Text Editors

Roam Research (Web) The new kid on the block. A note-taking tool for networked thought.
Google Docs (Web) Widely known, the best for collaborative work.
Sublime (macOS, Windows, Linux) Lighting fast editor, great for basic note-taking and coding. This will replace your standard text editor.
Bear (macOS, iOS) Beautiful note-taking app. Best for collecting notes and categorizing them for retrieval. Also great to write in.
Ulysses (macOS, iOS) The ultimate writing app for macOS. Mostly the same as Bear but more focused on writing.
Visual Studio Code (Windows, macOS, Linux) – The best open source IDE for programming with a wide variety of plugins and themes.