Your Favorite Artist Doesn’t Exist

Imagine. Your idol sitting in comfy sweatpants. Munching away on a bowl of popcorn.

You see the person for the first time. Not the artist. I’ll share an industry secret. Twenty people create one artist.

The image you have of the artist is carefully constructed by the PR agency, management, agent, social media manager, record label, stylist, make-up artist, photographers etc… For example, Taylor Swift as you perceive her is the result of a team of 50+ people. From the stylist creating exhilarating looks to the PR company carefully constructing which charities she represents. The person behind the artist is merely the face of the brand. For Taylor Swift, an army of people create the perception you have.

When artists get caught in controversy they get fully blamed for it. For example, Messi got caught for tax fraud. He might be complicit. But it’s funny that people believe that they themselves do their corporate taxes and company structuring. In reality, they barely know what’s going on.

At the end of the day, it is a business and businesses are there to make money. The “spontaneous” interviews you see are all carefully constructed to project a certain image. Fans want an interview where the artist speaks freely. However, this is against the business interest of the artist. They have a whole PR team ready to cut the interview short when questions get though. The interview is not for fun. It is to improve the Public Relations of the artist, it’s a tool.

The bigger you are, the bigger your team and interests. The last thing you want is to say something which gets taken out of context and sparks outrage. If what you say is taken out of context doesn’t matter. Facts are the first thing to get thrown out of the window. Outrage is fuelled by emotion and you’ll soon find out how little people care about the truth…

If you question why something is done a certain way in the entertainment industry. Follow the money and you will find the answer.

You can play a fun game the next time you see an artist on TV. Try to find out who created the different parts. Does the story sound too polished? Probably rehearsed with the PR team. Wearing a weird t-shirt? Might be sponsored, something the stylist and business manager came up with.